Our Medical Claims office assists hundreds of clients with Medicare questions and choices. We always receive positive feedback about Sue Anne — how professional she is, and how she makes overwhelming and confusing terms and choices easy to understand. She makes sure the client has all her phone numbers in case they have a question later. As an OSHIIP Counselor, it’s important to see that she puts the client first. Sue Anne makes our jobs easier and we are fortunate to have her assistance.

Cathy Ferguson, L.P.N./OSHIIP Counselor, Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program
United Seniors Services

When Camilla and I became eligible for Medicare and I started looking for additional medical coverage, the process was very frustrating. I want to tell you how much we both appreciate the assistance you gave us to choose the right plan. It has been very good for us over the years.

Harold and Camilla Nelson
Springboro, OH

We have been with Sue Anne Browning for the past six years and the best description of Sue Anne is integrity, integrity, integrity. Her yes is a yes, and her no is a no! She is a fantastic businesswoman.

Jim Mills
Washington Township, OH

Sue Anne helped us with the transition from employer based medical insurance to Medicare easy and flawless. We had many agents visit our home, but we knew as soon as we met her we knew who had our best interest at heart. Each year at renewal time, we call Sue Anne. She is caring, courteous, and professional and allows the time needed to answer questions.

Julie & Roy Krisher
Clayton, OH

When my grandmother's medical insurance lapsed, we were both unsure which direction to take to find the plan that would be best for her needs. Thanks to the help of Sue Anne Browning, we were able to get grandmother a new plan for medical insurance that covered more than her original plan. Sue Anne was very friendly, informative and knowledgeable, and we were both grateful for her help.

Justin Mosier
Springfield, Ohio

When I first signed up for Medicare, Sue Anne helped calm my apprehensions and eased my mind. She was easily accessible, very helpful, but more importantly, most reassuring as I tried to sort out the details in the very confusing world of “insurance.” I recommend her without hesitation to friends and family.

Robin Wilson
South Charleston, OH

Thank you for the time you took to help us with our insurance plans. In this day and age, it is hard to find someone that actually cares. Thank you for your dedication and caring.

Paul & Phylis Fosnaugh

We met Sue Anne at a presentation at the Hamilton Senior Center. She was very thorough with her talk and explained everything so we understood the plans. Since the, she has always been helpful and happy to help me each time I’ve needed it. I wish all sales agents were as likeable and as helpful as Sue Anne is.

Oma Spivey
Hamilton, OH

As caregiver, we acquired health insurance through Sue Anne for my 88-year old mother. She has done a wonderful job of always being there for handle questions or concerns in a timely and efficient manner. I highly recommend her to friends and family.

Dennis Schneider
Dayton, OH

Sue Anne came to my home and explained everything and got back to me in a timely manner when I had additional questions. When I had knee surgery, she was right there to answer questions about my coverage, and again at renewal time to help me decide the best plan. Recently, she called just to let me know there might be other options in the future.

Lois Dynes
West Chester, OH

I feel both my husband and I have been greatly blessed and helped by Sue Anne Browning’s assistance and recommendations in choosing the best healthcare plan for us. My husband was in the hospital for two weeks and spent one week in a nursing home last year. The cost for this care was thousands and thousands of dollars of which our insurance company paid the majority. We are so thankful for having this coverage and having Sue Anne as our agent.

Pat Howard
Waynesville, OH

When I anticipated the healthcare I had was going to be cancelled, Sue Anne guided me thorough the process. She explained what was available as a Medicare supplement and personally met with me to present options. She was thorough in her explanations and it was comforting to me that she was so understanding of my situation. I value her advice and would highly recommend her.

Patti Glidden
Beavercreek, OH