Medicare Open Enrollment 2014

Every year there are two things the Browning house can count on… raking leaves and Medicare enrollment time.

colorful autumn leavesUnlike the the leaves that may take a longer time to drop when the weather is warm, and a shorter time when the weather is cooler, Medicare enrollment time is the same every year — it starts on October 15 and ends December 7th.

If you are already on Medicare, you don’t need to renew, but it’s a good time to review your coverage.

By now, you are probably receiving a lot of mail about the expanded Medicare benefits under the Affordable Care Act — things like free preventative benefits, cancer screenings, and yearly “wellness” visits.

Every carrier, it seems, has new health plans and prescription drug coverage choices. It’s true, they do. And for most of us it can be confusing!

Call us to find out if your plan is still right for you. We may be able to show you plans that cost less, cover your drugs, and let you keep doing to the doctors and pharmacsts you know and like.