Behind Every Success Lies a Strong Partner

Messer Financial Group are the folks who work for us behind the scenes. As a National Field Marketing Organization (FMO) their primary purpose is to serve Independent Agents like Apple Tree Health Plans. Their motto is “behind every success lies a strong partner.”

behind successThe insurance companies we represent require that we partner with such an organization so we can benefit from their marketplace research of new products and carriers and their assistance with the process of contracting with insurance companies they support, including the Senior markets. They provide us with additional training and service insurance products that we are licensed and contracted to sell.

As a non-captive agent, I am free to do as little or as much business with Messer Financial as I desire. No single apple tree can survive in a big playing field all by itself. The tree may have many branches and good soil, but it needs lots of water, food, and an occasional pruning. It belongs in an orchard. There is success in numbers.

Messer Financial has a team of dedicated individuals assigned specific roles to help each Independent Agent and Agency to become successful in their field — and have been supporting these agents for well over a decade.

Healthcare today is a challenging world. Messer officers are “in touch” with how to partner and grow successful strong business relationships with insurance carriers, agencies and independent agents. They partner with insurance companies and ancillary companies whose products offer a better quality of life. We chose Messer because we believe they understand that family and relationships are important, and they foster those within their own organization.

As a Licensed Independent Insurance Agency, Apple Tree Health Plans is committed to provide “fruitful Medicare health planning, year after year”. So, in addition to United Healthcare, we are now licensed and contracted with Aetna, Humana, Anthem Blue Cross, and Premier Health Plans through our FMO arrangement. With an orchard that is full and bountiful, I’m better enabled to help our clients pick products right for them. Fruitful crops require additional planting, so we plan to add new ancillary products such as Vision, Dental, Final Expense and Critical Illness insurance policies.

If you would like to learn more about Messer Financial Group, visit their website ( Oh, and say hello for me!

Note: Messer Financial Group, LLC does NOT sell insurance policies, but works with individual agents and private agencies, such as Apple Tree Health Plans, LLC that do sell insurance policies.