Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies and are called Part C. They must cover all Part A and Part B benefits. In some cases, a Medicare Advantage plan can include additional benefits, like prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement insurance, some times referred to as a Medigap policy, is a separate insurance policy also offered by private health insurance companies that is designed to pay for certain healthcare expenses not covered by Part A and Part B. It is not to be confused with Medicare Advantage - they are very different insurance plans with distinct benefits.

Plan Considerations

Choosing between a Medicare Supplemental policy and a Medicare Advantage plan takes research. Costs and benefits vary.

  • Monthly Premium
  • Deductibles
  • Doctor and healthcare facility restrictions
  • Overall benefits
  • Your anticipated costs based on your personal situation
  • Prescription drug coverage and cost as it relates to your medication usage

We can help you sort out these personal circumstances so you can determine which additional coverage best fits your needs.

30-day Free Look Period

You have a 30-day period after the new policy arrives to change your mind. If you find a better plan, you can cancel the first policy for a full refund. This may happen when busy people do not have the time to look at all the rules and policies of Medicare enrollment, only to learn later they may have made the wrong decision. The best way to avoid changing plans during the free look period is to talk to a Medicare expert before enrolling or changing your plan. For a confidential exploratory visit, .